Supervisor de Desarrollo de Software

Parque Cibernético Santo Domingo (PCSD), Avenida Panamericana, Santo Domingo, República Dominicana
Desarrollo de Software
Tiempo Completo
26 October 2018

Detalles del Puesto


This position will lead all levels of software development team, working with every role in the process to participate in the organization’s goals achievement.


Essential Duties & Responsibilities - In this position you will:

Ø Lead the development team to deliver projects with quality and efficiency.

Ø Gather requirements for projects coming from different sources of the organization.

Ø Work along with the project owner to prioritize development’s iterations or projects.

Ø Participate in each development iteration and correct team distribution.

Ø Review and approve developed features by the team on each iteration or project.

Ø Coordinate releases for projects and successful accomplishment.

Ø Evaluate the team’s performance in projects.

Ø Implementing and identifying actions to improve development and quality analysis process.

Ø Guide the team to follow development process and methodology.

Ø Analyze data from implemented features or completed projects to evaluate possible software improvements and issues.

Ø Keep up to date the development process standards and forefront technologies.


Background/Experience – To qualify for this position, you will need to have:

Ø Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering, computer science or similar.

Ø Minimum of four (4) years of work related experience.

Ø Prior experience working with software development languages, web and mobile technologies.

Ø Experience working with software development agile methodologies.

Ø Hands on experience gathering requirements at all levels based on the organization needs and objectives

Ø Proven management skills.

Ø Effective communication skills, both written and oral.

Ø Experience working with foreign entities preferred.

Ø Knowledge of Jira, Visio and/or Excel products to handle projects.

Ø A dedicated and hard worker with a healthy, positive attitude toward individual, team and company goals.

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