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Santiago, Santiago Province, Dominican Republic
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10 November 2017

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Passionate about Cloud Technology? Client Engagement? Process Improvement? 

We are a team of world-class consultants, platform specialists and developers who solve people / culture, process, technology and data-related challenges in the media sector. We are seeking Platform Specialists to join our global team. 

This is a truly unique role, offering the right candidate to balance of project management and technology consulting duties in a dynamic environment. You would be working with global media organizations and their executives while being surrounded by incredibly talented colleagues as you solve strategic business problems.
You will embark on an exciting growth path where you will be mentored and trained in world-class project management methodologies with hands-on, collaborative learning through experiential work on client projects as well as content-based learning through robust training resources. 

ABOUT ChinolaCloud (V2 Strategic Advisors "V2" Sister Company)

ChinolaCloud is the nearshore office for V2 Strategic Advisors providing development and project management support to V2's global client base. V2 is a boutique management and technology consultancy headquartered in New York City with offices in the US, Europe and Latin America. We specialize in process improvement, organizational change management and Cloud systems integration for global media organizations. We have been a partner for 10+ years and work with prominent media companies across print, digital, programmatic, business information services, entertainment and other media sectors. What sets V2 apart is our years of experience in solving some of the most challenging strategic and operational challenges in media through our focused and agile approach.

Our strategy is simple: build a world-class team of individuals who collaborate around Cloud technology and industry best practices. Clients quickly realize that V2 and ChinolaCloud's incredibly talented developers, project managers, platform specialists and consultants, industry-specific solutions and agile delivery framework help to streamline the process and provide results quickly. 


Teamwork / Culture - Our boutique culture is refreshing. Begin and end your work day with a group of incredibly talented, growth-minded people who embrace humility, teamwork and a common set of core values. Our clients consistency praise the way we work and the results we deliver with integrity. It's energizing to be part of a winning team. 

Your Day - ChinolaCloud and V2 leverages best-in-class Cloud technologies like Slack, Google for Work, Todoist and Salesforce - and, of course, we are "Mac people". Every day begins with a virtual team, scrum over coffee, where we share our successes, overcome hurdles and refine our approach to projects.

Growth - Experience continuous mentorship and growth based on ChinolaCloud's / V2's unique "JPC" program. JPC helps each team member, regardless of your professional experience, perform growth and balance spanning Job, Personal Life and Career. As part of our recruitment process, you will begin to build an individualized JPC plan across key focus areas. From your first week, we will provide growth opportunities through client engagements and individually tailored or group JPC trainings. Collaborative bi-annual reviews focused on past and future growth in key focus areas ensure more structured feedback in addition to weekly mentoring. 


  • Participate in client conversations around people, process, technology and data-related challenges 
  • Map out key process flows 
  • Incorporate business findings and recommendations into intelligent systems design 
  • Collaborate with team members spanning lifecycle spanning Salesforce design, configuration, build, testing, deployment and post go-live support 
  • Design, configure, build, test and deploy standard and custom objects, workflows, validation rules, change sets, reports & dashboards, security model features and other areas within the Salesforce platform
  • Work closely with ChinolaCloud's global development resources around end-to-end lifecycle management of code or integration related builds spanning requirements, solution design, testing, deployment and post go-live bug resolution 
  • Gain strong proficiency and ability to support and lead lead data-related activities, but not limited to, data cleansing, data mapping, data transformations and data uploads as well as become subject matter expert around data governance best practices 
  • Help to build team members' capability to 'reverse engineer' / troubleshoot code-based solutions for clients and ChinolaCloud internal solutions (which may include Apex, Visualforce, Javascript, CSS, HTML, etc.) 
  • Present solution designs and gain feedback from clients through user testing sessions
  • Pass and maintain applicable certifications 

  • Minimum three (3) to five (5) years of professional experience 
  • Bachelor's degree in engineering, economics, technology or business 
  • Proven ability to strongly use computers and software 
  • Strong communication skills in English both verbal and written (we recognize you are not native speaker and we will help you grow) 
  • Strong organizational skills, task and project management skills 
  • Ability to adapt to fast-paced Quickly environments 
  • Strong organization skills and productivity 
  • International living and working experience a plus 
  • Prior experience working Within the US or US companies with a plus

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ChinolaCloud Platform Specialist Job Posting


We are looking for fit, not volume. We will invest a lot of energy getting to know you and outlining in a transparent fashion why ChinolaCloud / V2 may or may not be your best career option. JPC is real and it begins during the up front 'getting to know each other' activities.


Jennifer L. Cox

VP, HR & Talent Development

ChinolaCloud, SRL


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