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Javascript Developer

Vivial Dominicana


Software Engineer – JavaScript

Vivial is a company dedicated to helping small and medium sized businesses increase and manage their online presence by:

  • Producing and publishing websites & content online for our customers

  • Growing and maintaining online directory listings for our customers

  • Helping customers develop, grow, and engage with their social networks

This engineering position will be responsible for development in a full stack environment using Single Page App frameworks, NodeJS, AWS Lambda, Serverless Framework, MySQL, and DynamoDB. This position will include full life cycle engineering responsibilities. You will work directly with the architectural and leadership staff to design and develop application improvements and features.

A Day in the Life:

  • Investigate bugs and enhancements

  •  feedback around solutions or options to solve problems

  •  Implement solutions, tests, and documentation

  • Monitor testing efforts and delivery to production

  • Work with other team members to improve the system

  •  Interact with the product team to review requirements

What You Will Enjoy:

  •  Learning new technologies

  • Building new system components from the ground up (greenfield)

  • Solving challenging problems

  • Interacting with an excellent team of engineers

Essential Requirements:  

(Rankings: 1-Novice/Familiarity, 2-Competent, 3-Proficient, 4-Expert, 5-Master)

  • Proficiency with Javascript / NodeJS or Proficiency with other programming languages like Java, Python, PHP, etc. and willing to change to NodeJS.

  • Proficiency with relational databases (like MySQL or PostgreSQL)

  • Proficiency with Web Application Development (JavaScript, CSS, HTML)

  • Familiarity with AWS Lambda / API Gateway

  • Competence with building REST APIs & Documentation

  • Competence with Git

  • Proficiency at digging in and troubleshooting problems

Additional Desirable Experience:

  • Competence with Serverless Framework

  • Competence with authentication frameworks & services

  • Competence with AWS technologies including DynamoDB, ECS, and S3

  • Familiarity with Client-side JavaScript frameworks like ReactJS, AngularJS, and RactiveJS.

  • Familiarity with Docker / Docker Compose

  • Familiarity with SalesForce API’s

Como aplicar

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