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DevOps Engineer

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Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related major, and 4+ years of related experience in the IT industry.
• Up to 1-2 years of knowledge of CM methodologies and ability to automate CM process.
• Ability to work effectively in a team or matrix environment.
• Ability to adapt to changing environment and requirements as well as the ability to support multiple projects.

• Fluent in at least one application development language.
• Familiarity with various platforms and multi-tiered software applications specifically Windows operating system and familiarity with MS visual studio .Net. with ability to trouble shoot Operating system issues and code compilations.

• Hands-on technical experience with leading configuration management software products.

• Basic software administration and system diagnostic skills.

• Experience and proficiency in Customer Service, Problem Solving, and Communication (verbal and written).

• Willingness to support evening and weekend deployments as needed.

• Support as a member of a team following a well-defined Agile SDLC.

• Execute any SDLC tasks, including (but not limited to) merge, build, release, operations, and day to day maintenance and administration.

• Installation and configuration of software in virtualized environments to ensure high availability.

• Support product development teams in the delivery of continuous integration, continuous deployment.

• Experience writing and executing scripts, PowerShell and other scripting languages.

• Understand source and version control tools. Emphasis on Microsoft Team Foundation Server and Git/TFVC.

• Troubleshoot application performance issues and engage Help Desk or IT Support as needed, to identify and resolve the issue.

• Prioritizing requests from operations, development and product teams fairly while demonstrating a sense of empathy.

• Problem-solving and thinking laterally as part of a team, or individually, to meet the needs of the project.

• Participate in after hours maintenance when necessary, respond to emergencies, participate in customer calls when called upon in support of initiatives and incident response.

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Email your resume to Erick Cruz (IT Ops Manager) ecruzmarte@firstam.com. For any inquiries call 829-755-8009.