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Very high level expertise working with VueJS3 in TypeScript (Composition API, functional components, classes, factories, generics). Experience with debugging tools and testing in general (Webpack Bundle Analyzer, Lighthouse; unit testing, integration testing, E2E testing). Experience configuring and managing websocket and push notifications for real time communication and data exchange. Conversational in English, written and spoken. COMPLEMENTED BY THESE COMPETENCIES: Customer Centric - A relentless push to ship better experiences for customers. Team Player - Ability to collaborate across multiple teams, from many different disciplines with varying degrees of technical experience. Effective Communicator - High emotional intelligence with ability to effectively share ideas, thoughts, information and feelings with a diverse range of audiences to develop two-way understanding; including speaking, listening and written communication skills. Problem Solver - Possesses advanced technical and analytical skills required to diagnose, isolate and resolve problems. Autonomous - Independent, proactive, self-starter, and highly motivated individual with a strong track record of showing ownership and delivering results. Flexible and Adaptable - Open and receptive to appropriate change; ability to manage and shift priorities as required. Growth Oriented - Life-long learner who is committed to personal and professional development, always seeking to challenge and expand your skills. IT WOULD BE GREAT IF: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or other related field. 2+ years of experience working as frontend developer and have built scalable applications. Demonstrable proficiency writing technical documentation RFC. 2+ years of experience integrating REST and GraphQL APIs with frontend interfaces. Very good understanding of TDD, BDD, CI/CD, SOLID, Atomic Design principles. Experience working with Agile driven development teams. Ample experience with frontend workshop environment tools (Storybook/Chromatic strongly preferred). Experience developing Chrome Extensions Hands-on experience working with Vercel or AWS, setting up and configuring projects, writing and consuming lambda functions. Proficient developing and managing SDK implementations.

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