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Remote Senior Full-Stack web developer

Ivio Agency


We are looking for a full time, remote, Full-Stack software developer to join our team. In this role, you will be responsible for developing and maintaining a handful of projects at any given time. You’ll work in a dynamic environment that’ll see you work on projects of varying size, complexity and urgency. Attention will shift between working in the client and/or the server, technologies used will also change. Requirements: - Discipline - Willingness to learn - Linux (know your cli) - UX/UI inclined - HTML5, CSS, SASS/SCSS (any other styling tool) - PHP, Python, or other programming language other than Javascript - Javascript/Typescript - Angular - Docker and related tools (kubernetes is a huge plus) - HTTP servers (Nginx, Apache, Caddy, any will do) - SQL (knowledge of any other database technology is a plus) - Best practices (CI/CD, Unit testing, E2E testing) We will test your abilities, so please DO NOT APPLY if you don't have all the previously listed set of skills.

Como aplicar

Send cv to hr@invexi.dev