Full Stack Software Engineer

Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional, Dominican Republic
Desarrollo Web
Tiempo Completo
04 January 2017

Detalles del Puesto

GFR Media offers the widest variety of media platforms in Puerto Rico and Latin America. Our audience has made our brands the leading media platforms in the country and the main source of relevant information in Puerto Rico. Our brands, including the main newspapers in Puerto Rico, “El Nuevo Día”, “Primera Hora” and “Indice”, are leaders in the segments of digital media, mobile and print newspapers in the country.

In GFR Media República Dominicana, formerly Pixel Perfect Tree, our quest searching for a passionate and savvy full-stack developer has just begun.

The lucky developer will have the responsibility of defending our company’s honour fighting imaginary dragons and ogres along our skilled knights from the Order in our Santo Domingo office. You'll be expected to not only to write code but also provide your insight on projects and technologies used.

But what exactly do you mean by Full Stack?

You don’t have to know it all, yet you are expected to be all-around, be passionate about emerging technologies and most importantly, be able to solve hard problems on your own.

We're programming Ruby on Rails at least 75% of our time, so being able to code in Ruby is an obvious advantage. But we strongly believe that awesome programmers are not defined by their language. If you're deep into another language but you're curious about our stack then we'd love to hear from you.

About the Team

We like to believe our team is top-notch, we joke a lot, eat a lot and program in a friendly environment yet we take our work very seriously and give it all to produce quality code. Everyone gets involved in steering what we do, providing ideas for development and opinions on technologies we use. The ideal candidate will bring that same spark to our team.

About the Job

As a full-stack engineer you'll be expected to:

  • You'll be working with our wide-range of online-based products implementing new features while improving the code base. 
  • Be able to write standard compliant HTML5/CSS3 but you must know or be familiar with at least one templating engine and/or preprocessors such as Slim, HAML, SASS, LESS, Jade, Stylus, etc.
  • You need to be able to write and/or consume API’s successfully.
  • Know javascript and all of its perks, jQuery and AJAX are a must.
  • You must be familiar with Angular.js and/or React.
  • You are expected to be proficient in at least one server-side language.
  • You're autonomous and self-managed.
  • Salary range is very competitive but will depend largely on skill so we'll be giving this information on a personal basis. Anywhere from RD$40,000.00 - RD$100,000.00 plus benefits.

About You

Basically, this job is for you if:

  • You have experience working in a collaborative environment and/or Agile Shop
  • You have lead projects, you're willing to be the glue that keeps a team together, work with designers, developers, community members, and our project manager / scrum master to see projects through successfully
  • You have some serious knowledge of Ruby, PHP, and/or C#.
  • You test your code and are driven by them.
  • *nix experience
  • Git/Github Ninja.
  • You’re meticulous, but still able to iterate quickly.
  • You're THE problem solver.
  • Bonus points: If you don't run whenever anyone mentions Design Patterns, Big O, Vim, #poodr, deployment automation, TDD or Semantic Versioning.
  • Bonus points: If you have ever contributed to any Open Source project.

Como aplicar

Please send us your CV and/or GitHub/LinkedIn account to EmpleosRD [at] gfrmedia [dot] com and we'll contact you as soon as possible.

Enviar CV a EmpleosRD@gfrmedia.com, recuerda agregar tu cover letter.

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